Monday, August 2, 2010

baby there's a shark in the water

I haven't updated in forever! This summer has been so eventful and amazing so far, and I really haven't had the time. Surprisingly enough, the pictures I am providing are the only ones I have taken on my camera since my last update. I've just been so distracted and haven't been using the camera as much! I'm even having trouble remembering everything I did since then...

Well first of all, I just finished watching a new episode of Degrassi and I need to vent because this show is seriously going downhill. Being an avid fan since 8th grade (sadly) it is hard for me to let go, despite the horrible actors and no drama whatsoever. "I did something bad, really bad," has resorted to keying a car. Seriously? Someone needs to die. Anyways, I digress...

Basically I have been with my friends, friends, and more friends. The past few Saturdays I have been partyin' with my best friend Andrea and many other new people.

As you can see...
Moving on, my first day of school starts August 30th, bummer! I already bought one of my textbooks, which was really depressing. I DID get that textbook for only 41 cents though... :)
These are the classes I am taking:
  • Fit For Life 1 and 2
  • Drawing 2
  • History of Modern Art
  • Philosophy: Ethics
  • General Zoology
  • Intro to Photography

I'm not too excited about these classes, considering almost half are general requirements. However, part of me really does miss school, mainly my friends, considering they live all over the place and I never get to see a majority of them. I also miss studying, as nerdy as that sounds.

Random, but I wanted to add this in before I forget...anyone ever read the "Ted the Caver" online journal, supposedly one of the scariest stories on the Internet? Well I found the ORIGINAL fiction story that the fake (yes the whole thing was a hoax) journal was based off of. I read the whole PDF file last night, and let me tell you that I had the hardest time sleeping last night. It was such a good read. You can download it here:

I have become aware that I had stopped taking clothing shots lately. I honestly got a little bored with just keeping this a fashion blog; I'm such a fickle person! But I HAVE been shopping a lot lately, especially for jeans and anything denim. I now have a denim vest, new shorts, new Levi's, jackets, etc....I actually bought a pair of shorts at Hollister, believe it or not...and I was also approached for a job thanks. Wow, I'm such a rambler.

So yesterday, I went to Lake Compounce with the family! It was lots of fun, but honestly, after you just get back from Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce really doesn't compare...I still have to go on Bizzaro at Six Flags...

For the most part, I have mainly been working every day, taking some days off just to hang out with friends or to chill. At least I'm making money, and that's all that matters.

I've also been having tattoos on my mind a lot lately. I REALLY want to get a tattoo in the fall, and also my nose pierced. Some of the ideas I have in mind are swallows and (possibly Arabic) text, black and white ink...areas on the body I am interested in are my inner wrist, ankle or foot, upper arm, right back shoulder, or behind the ear. I'll figure it out eventually, I've just been on the search for the perfect tattoo artist in my area...

SO WHO SAW INCEPTION? That movie was kickass. I love movies that you actually have to pay attention to.

Also, my notebook is officially out in Walmart stores! I haven't even seen it yet, haha! Some of my friends have already bought their own copy, how exciting! :) I was also in the paper, and I was even approached by one of my neighbors in the plaza I work in to design a sign for her truck. My first real commission, woot! I don't know how much to charge though...

So basically the best part of my summer so far has been my camping trip up to Alander Mountain, and my road trip up to Maine, both of which I did with my boyfriend. We first did an overnight camping trip up at Alander, and hiked the entire mountain.

At the top! It's a fairly small mountain.

Jon in his hiking gear! I had to carry a backpack as well.

Not long after our camping trip, we headed up to Maine and tried to discover some things to do. Eventually, we ended up in Bar Harbor which was an awesome tourist city right on the ocean. I absolutely loved it. We had lobster every night, and went kayaking out in the harbor. I honestly think the best part of my trip though, was when Jon and I snuck in to a national park after hours and found a gorgeous beach. The moon was full and the tides were really powerful. It was really romantic and beautiful.
Jon and I also managed to fit in an epic Italian Festival this summer. As fun as it was, I ended up getting really sick on one of the rides, which really isn't like me. Note to self, don't eat beet soup before getting on a ride... :/

Fried Oreos don't taste that good...just sayin'.

So before I head back to school, I am definitely planning two day trips: one to Boston, and one to New York. I've been trying desperately to go to NYC with Sara almost every week, but I am just so busy and I just don't ever seem to have the time. I will make these day trips happen, though!
Well, I need to open the store tomorrow, so I am out! z_z