Monday, October 19, 2009

I want a wolf suit.

This movie was phenomenal. I saw it twice this weekend, and I reccommend anyone to go see it, even if you have never read the book as a child. (Are you human?)
What I really valued about this interpretation was that it was raw. I must say, I was pretty disturbed at some parts in this movie. There were very deep and complex things that children would have a hard time grasping; this movie was aimed more towards the adult who misses being a child. But this was not a "sunshine happy rainbow being a child is awesome" movie. It was real, sad, and exciting. There were some parents that left the theatre with their children that seemed greatly dissapointed, but I believe this movie was a work of art. The story Spike Jonze created for Max and the Wild Things was heartfelt and emotional, Max (Max Records) was adorable in his debut, and the "wild things" looked freakishly real. Karen O also did an amazing job creating the soundtrack. (Which I will go out and buy.)

Go see this movie.It will not dissapoint.

Anyways, I've been really poor lately. I'm basically living off my savings. Not cool. I'm waiting on my $5,000 check to come so I can invest some bonds and put the rest in the bank.
I've also still been kind of stressed with the whole Dad and no job issues. He's in Canada for the week, so that's neat...except I'm manning The UPS Store all week; at least I'm getting's just getting in the way with school, the gym, etc. Sigh.

I want a Chai Tea Latte with skim milk. Mmm.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I never really update this, but I'll give it a shot!
I can be honest at the moment and say that I have been a little stressed lately, but overall, this semester has not been as bad I as intended it to be. I am currently taking six classes: English Literature: American Dreams and Nightmares, Two-Dimensional Design, Art History, Pyschology, Math for the Liberal Arts, and Three-Dimensional Design. Out of all the classes, 2D has proven to be the most time-consuming and difficult. Somehow, I am managing my time well with all the commuting and classes, so I study enough and get all my homework done without pulling any all-nighters. :)
So, the main source of my stress is due to the fact that I am currently unemployed. I used to work at my father's UPS Store for some easy cash and to help him out with the new business. I have also always yearned to strengthen our relationship because we have never really been that close. Well, he pretty much told me to find a new job. I was basically fired by my own father. He told me that I wasn't taking the business seriously and that I wasn't doing a good enough job. First of all, my father is a pure-bred Middle Eastern man, so nothing impresses him and his is narrow-minded and irrational. Now I am mature enough to admitt I did not take the store too seriously. I treated it like I have treated any other job. He told me I didn't appreciate anything and that he didn't need me anymore because I make too many mistakes. They happened, but nothing bad as ever resulted from them. So, I am jobless. Home has been awkward. I may be poor for a while.
So, art art art! This month has been arty though, and in an excellent way. Some good news, I was the winner of the Mead Fivestar Notebook Cover Design contest this year! It was a national contest to design a cover for a Fivestar Notebook, and I actually won! My winning design can be seen here: I won $5,000 and my notebook will come out sometime in 2010. This is probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. :) I also donated some of my old works to a Silent Art Auction in my town to raise money for some Art Scholarships. All my pieces were bought and raised the most money!