Sunday, April 10, 2011

coloring my hair is my least favorite thing to do.

But I still do it anyways!
Loreal Feria in Chocolate Cherry. That's pretty much the only hair color brand I trust.

Today was a lazy Sunday that consisted of window shopping, purchasing said hair color and products, cleaning my room ALL day, laundry, dishes, etc etc...I never really have time to do these things during the school week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

some art.

I realized I hadn't uploaded any of my favorite works from last semester. I took a photography class and a drawing class, and they were fun. :) (Kind of. I didn't like my Photo professor, but at least my drawing professor played Robin on his iPod every day.)

Black and white film photography. Everyone was taken with a legit, awesome Nikomat. :)
The rest are my drawings, done with pastels and charcoal.

We each had to bring in objects to insert in a still life. Of course I'm the one who brings a skull! (Don't worry, it's fake. His name is Pablo.)

This one was actually a gift for my mom. :P

And this is of the lovely Sara! I did this drawing of her from when we had a super fantastic day at the beach, but I just changed the colors. You can see those photos here. :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring love.

Well I have not visited this place in a while. I definitely want to be posting actual OUTFIT pictures, but I need to go out and get myself a tripod. No one is ever around to be my photographer. ;( But this IS my blog, so I might as well vent and update on what is new.

The school semester is almost over. Let me just say that despite the fact that I'm taking 6 classes (which consist of 3 studio art courses and 2 writing courses, and a stupid health class) this has been the easiest semester ever. Since I am trying to graduate on time, I plan on taking a summer class at a local community college, just to help myself out. It's much cheaper and can make my future semesters less demanding. In the fall I plan on taking 6 classes again, along with getting myself an internship. I'm pretty much blowing through the Graphic Design program! Once I have all my projects together, I'll upload them here. :)

So I have mainly been involved with school and getting all my projects done. Hopefully my summer will be a lot more enjoyable, and I'm so sick of this weather! For some reason I decided to wear heels today because I just couldn't STAND not dressing cute at school anymore, but that failed miserably. Never again heels, never again.