Friday, March 26, 2010

Done with field observation!

I finished my field observation today! Yay! A lot of my students were upset that today was my last!

I wore a VERY simple outfit today:

Top: No Boundaries by Walmart (:O!)

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Hue (Macys)

Shoes: American Eagle by Payless

I basically had to dress very simple for my observation hours, considering that I worked in an art classroom and it was constant MESS.

HOWEVER...I just had to wear my new skirt! I didn't even really want to make an entry for this outfit, but I must show you all this skirt:

When I went shopping a few weeks ago, I got two new skirts from H& will have to stay tuned for a future entry to see the second skirt. :) I LOVE the way they fit, the fabric, the quality...everything about them!

Oh and I apologize for the quality of my pictures...I need a personal photographer. :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Hey, are you a new student?"

So I have been inspired by my friend Sara to transform my boring blog into a fashion blog. :) Her lovely blog is here: So check her out!

So my Spring Break has started! Although it's not really much of a break, considering that I am finishing up my field observation at Hamden Middle School. I am intern there and I work in 7th and 8th grade art classes. I LOVE working with these's actually kinda sad that my last day is on Friday! :( What's funny is that a lot of the kids thought that I was a NEW STUDENT the first day I came! Haha! Apparently I look like I'm 14...oh well.

So in honor of this GORGEOUS weather, I have taken a majority of my pictures outside. I wore this outfit for my field observation today:

And here's one with my (fake) glasses!

And Kindle! I just thought it would go nicely with the outfit, haha!

Cardigan: Macy's

Dress: American Eagle

Shoes: American Eagle by Payless

Glasses: Claire's

Belt: Forever 21

So I must say one thing: I absoulutely LOVE waist belts...they can pretty much transform ANY outfit, and of course they show off your waist very nicely. ;)

I have had the blue and white striped cardigan for yearrsss. It is definately a must in my wardrobe. I can dress it up or down very easily, and it's super comfy.

The American Eagle dress I bought at a retail sale in my town...for $10! I don't wear it often because I'm a little iffy about the length...(I'm not fond of dresses that end at the knees or lower; I have short legs!)...but considering I wanted to look artsy and professional today, I didn't want to wear anything too short. It's a PERFECT summer dress, though.

I wear the black shoes WAY too much. They're basically flats with the tiniest little heel! They go with anything. I love to wear them with skinnies most of the time. I also threw on some silver jewelry today...a silver chain necklace also from Macy's, and (not real) pearl earrings from Charlotte Russe.

So basically my life has been pretty swell. School is becoming hectic because I have SO MUCH to do for my Education class. I also miss my boyfriend...he's in Boston. :( Boo hoo!

Anyways, I won't blab away. I'm off to the gym, and maybe I'll draw a little bit later... :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

I really need to stop neglecting this!

I guess this is about the time I fill in on what has been going on! First off, this new semester has been incredibly boring. I am taking a drawing class, two education classes, a psychology class, and a speech class. The education classes are becoming such a hassle. I'm stressing about getting my field observation hours done for BOTH classes, and I also still need to apply to the School of Education. Also have to fill out my FAFSA again...I pretty much have no social life between school and work. I still work at The UPS Store on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays but I only put in about 15 hours a week. I hang out with a few of my friends time to time, but I mostly spend time with my boyfriend...which is nothing to complain about. :)

Speaking of which, Jon and I are doing great. We have been together for...a year and 3 months I believe. Well we don't keep track of anniversaries and such so it's hard to tell.

Lets see...I saw Shutter Island last night! I thought it was a fantastic movie. The only thing that kinda bothered me was how distracting the music was, especially in the beginning. I'm trying to pay attention to what they're saying and the music is all DUN DUN DUNDUNDUNDUNNNNN in my face. Not appealing. So I basically spent the day with Jon yesterday, as I do every Sunday. He came over and first we went to the gym, drove around, and I remembered I had a plaster sculpture sitting in the trunk of my car so I came up with the idea to go to the Pavillion at the Rec Field and smash the thing to pieces. So we drove all the way up there and threw it around until it was dust...which took a long time. We also tried to find the hiking trails in Beacon Falls, but I have poor navigating skills so we gave up and head to Starbucks, then to the movies. Good times.

So I was actually supposed to start my observation hours today at Hamden Middle School...but I woke up sick! I concluded that my acid reflux is acting up again, which I guess is better than a virus considering it comes and gos. I had terrible sleep; I probably totaled less than 3 hours because of how nasueous I felt all night. I decided to suck it up, and drove to school. Halfway there my gut was telling me (no pun intended) to TURN AROUND and go home. Before I knew it, my head was in the toilet and I was miserable. I went back to sleep and missed my drawing class, AND my observation hours. Balls. At least my last class was cancelled. I basically didn't do anything productive today, since I felt queasy and all. I'll be fine tomorrow...I hope.

Oh! I'm surprised I didn't mention this earlier, considering it's big news. I wrote in this blog a couple months ago about how I won the "Be A Fivestar Artist" conest...well now I am going to be having an official book signing at my local Walmart in Naugatuck! The event will take place July 7th, 2010. (Early for back to school, eh?) It will also be televised. :) How exciting!

I pretty much don't have Spring Break plans, considering that I need to finish my observation hours and my job. But I do plan on going in to the city (New York for those who don't know) with Sara to do some shopping for a day! You can see her fashion blog here: She is quite the cutie, that she is!

So I just finished uploading a short video I shot at the Brand New concert back in NOVEMBER. I forgot I had the video, haah! I still think about that concert. It was stupendous.

Well, I am off to do more imporant things now. Maybe not. We'll see. :)