Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Bucket List

1.) My ultimate goal is to be featured in either one of these design magazines: How and Print. I am an aspiring graphic designer and artist and I will have an article written about me one day. I also need to work for a magazine and become an art director.
2.) A not so important goal but still needs to be completed: consume two large pizzas without barfing. I have already done one (somehow). Now I need to try two, and there needs to be a hefty topping on them! I can't skimp out and just do a plain pizza, that's lame.
3.) To be submerged in a liquid oxygen tank. It gives you the very real simulation of drowning, so it will feel quite terrible so why would I do this, you ask? Supposedly you feel reborn, like literally reborn. It is supposed to be a life changing feeling and yes it is a very real thing.
4.) Have my own design business or firm. Designing T-Shirts, book covers, anything. As long as I can be my own boss and be creative.
5.) Perform in front of an audience. I absolutely love singing but I have terrible stage fright. I need to get singing lessons to improve my voice and then join a singing group at some point, then start performing solo. I don't want to necessarily become a famous singer, but I want to develop it into a good hobby and sing as much as I can.