Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Siamese hair twins. Artwork by meeeee.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I entered the Seventeen Best Dressed contest with this outfit. :P I hope I at least get some good votes, yo!

You can try to vote here at by following the links, but you have to vote through other girls first. Boo to them! Haha.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I highly suggest that whoever may be reading this blog, to follow this link and take this personality test:

And then to look up their result, here:

The results are MINDBLOWING, I can promise that you will be satisfied.

My result is ISFJ. Incredibly accurate.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Haven't been here in a while.

My friend has informed me that I should update my blog more often, so I shall do so! I never really have anything interesting to talk about, though.
So this week, I was in Wildwood with the family! It was a 5 day vacation full of beach trips, an exciting airshow in Atlantic City, a fantastic boardwalk, shopping, and good food. It was nice to get away from The UPS Store (aka work) for a good week. Today was a day to just relax. I took a VERY long shower, did some pilates, stopped by Marshall's, and cleaned for a bit. Good times. :)
I planned on having a pool party tomorrow with the gang at my house but a lot of people cancelled last minute, so I called the whole thing off. Boo!
Last night I visited Jon while coming up from New Jersey, and we saw Inglorious Basterds! It was such an incredible movie; Quentin Tarantino never fails.
Aside from all that, my summer was pretty bland. I worked a lot and hung around with my boyfriend every chance I got. Now I just can't wait to get back to school and actually do something meaningful. I am taking three art classes: Art History, 2D and 3D Design. One Math class, a Psychology class, and an English Literature class. The English class is at 7:10 in the morning three days a week! D:
I've been keeping a personal dream journal, but no one can see it. ;) It is secret, shhh.
Well, I am in the mood to sketch. I haven't been doing anything artistic lately, mostly because I haven't really been inspired by anything this summer or have felt creative.
I am off!

Personal Goals

1.) Save up for the newest Kindle.
2.) Get a SCUBA certification and take a vacation to go diving.
3.) Plan another day-trip to NYC soon.
4.) Read a new book.
5.) Go to Italy before I die and visit Rome.
6.) Lose the weight I gained this summer.
7.) Get on the Dean's list this semester.
8.) Buy a really expensive piece of clothing or jewelry.
9.) Spend more time with my family.
10.) Go to JAPAN before I die...
11.) Go dolphin-watching.
12.) Do more volunteer work.
13.) Watch all Academy Award winning movies. (That may take a while.)
14.) Create new works of art and sell them on Etsy.
15.) Become a mark. representative.
16.) Watch less T.V
17.) Read up on good news instead of bad news.
18.) Make more time to see friends.
19.) Get a tattoo on my heel.
20.) Go to Africa before I die. (Lots of places I want to see.)
21.) Go extreme camping with little necessities.
22.) Learn the guitar.
23.) Take a dance class.
24.) Singing lessons.
25.) Live like every day is my last.
26.) Stop impulse buying and create a better budget for my money.
27.) Do my own nails and never step into a tanning salon.
28.) Create my own personalized website.
29.) Get a new phone and get a texting plan.
30.) Pay all of my bills for my credit card on time and never overspend.
31.) Buy my own car in the near future.
32.) Drive safer and a little more slowly.
33.) Don't do any drugs.
34.) Sign up for any scholarship or contest that comes my way.
35.) Go to the beach in the fall.
36.) Go kayaking more often.
37.) Save up for a HP Artist Edition Laptop.
38.) Buy things on sale.
39.) Go a day without wearing any makeup.
40.) Host a good party.

I'll put more when I can think of them and cross out the ones that I complete. <3