Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer '10!

Hello all! I have been VERY bad keeping up with my blogging, specifically the fashion blog posts, but I haven't really had the time to take pictures of my outfits. Soon enough. :) But right now, I feel like talking about the start of my summer and the exciting things that have been happening!

Yesterday, Sara and I spent the day together. It's so great to see her because she lives in East Haven, about 40 ish minutes away from me. :( Butttt we went shopping then had some photoshoots at the park and on the beach! I'm sure she will provide more pictures as well.

We tried so hard making a heart with our hands! My spindles were messing up everything.

I did buy some unecessary jackets, too. This one from H&M was $15! I also splurged on a (clearly fake but awesome) leather jacket that I coudln't resist at Forever 21, and also an owl necklace, blue waist belt, and and a blue flower pin.

On the...workout machine? Haha


Sara and I. :)

I have mainly been working every day, though. Yesterday was probably the most exciting day I've had so far. I also plan on making some more art, I am SERIOUSLY behind in that aspect. I'm just waiting for that sudden inspiration to hit.

Sooooo does anyone here watch Adventure Time? Seriosuly, I am becoming addicted to that cartoon, and Sara and I quote it every chance we get. It's on Cartoon Network and new episodes air every Monday at 8:00 EST. :)

I am ALSO going to be seeing Modest Mouse in July! Eek I'm so excited, and I get VIP seats for free because I have a friend who works at the Oakdale in Wallingford, haha!

Andddd my NOTEBOOK SIGNING is going to be this upcoming July 7th! If you don't remember, I won the Be A Fivestar Notebook contest, and my notebook will be coming out in all Walmart stores nationwide! My banner uptop features a glimpse of the artwork, but you can see the design and more on my deviantart at

I also saw Toy Story 3, which was an adorable movie. Totoro was in it!

As far as school goes, I made the dean's list twice this year! I'm going back in the fall for my junior semester, OH and big news, I am switching my major to Graphic Design. I was originally going for Art Education, which I was loving, but realistically speaking, education isn't a good career option these days, especially for art. I think I would enjoy working in the graphic design field, anyways...

Annndddd....I CAN'T WAIT FOR "THE LAST AIRBENDER" TO COME OUT THIS JULY 1ST! Ahhh I was such a huge Avatar fan. Not James Cameron Avatar, like, real Avatar.

More news, I am also going camping with my boyfriend in Maine for about 4-5 days sometime at the end of July. Roadtrip, woo! And I have never been camping before so this will be exciting. We're also going to do some hardcore hiking, which I love. :)

Wellll I'm out for now! I'm going to do some yoga before I head to work and get my hair trim! :)

OH P.S! I am going to be having a short article of mine featured in the upcoming SEVENTEEN August issue! The article is going to be called "Biggest Love Mistakes" so it's actually a short, personal blurb about one of my past relationships. Just look out for the article and for my name, Nadia!


libys11 said...

i love the photos by the beach.. so stunning and breath taking!!! especially that second one! :D

hope you're having fun!! :D

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Anonymous said...

Totoro is in Toy Story 3? I had no idea! I love Totoro!!!


LOVE your outfit. Cute blog :)

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