Friday, July 2, 2010

Magazine journalism sucks!

And I will explain why it sucks soon enough! First, some picthas!

Andrea and I!
So first, I must say that my summer has been swimmingly. I've been making money (which I've been using for SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING.) But anyways, this entry is featured for my lovely friend Andrea, because we have finally reunited our past best friendship. That's a whole other story, but basically she had moved away, and at the end of high school we were kinda being bitches to each other. I digress...! But I have been very happy that I finally have her back in my life. I don't have many girl friends, so it's nice to have girl time once in a while.
First, we spent our morning by the pool, then we had an unexpected downpour. (That's CT for you.) So I had an idea to head down to New Haven to meet up with my boyfriend Jon. We all hung out, and went to Pepe's for pizza. BEST place for pizza, ever. We then headed to Starbuck's, and back to my house. It was a chill day, but very spontaneous and enjoyable.

I do love this candid shot I got of Andrea.'s mainly an SBUX cup. But she's lovely too, hah!

When we were in New Haven, we walked around Yale, which I must say I am so grateful to be able to do that. It's such an every-day thing for me it seems, but really, it's just so grand and beautiful...but this was when we were in the Yale Book Store, and Jon decided he wanted his picture taken with the "semen." Yes, that plush is supposed to be sperm.

Fooling around in the car! We were waiting in the parking garage for Jon to finish going to the bathroom...seriously girls, do your guys take this long to go number 2?!

Moving on...I saw "The Last Airbender" last night. Now let me just say that I am probably one of the hugest Avatar fans, and I have waited over a year for this movie. I want to punch a baby right now. Basically, it was horrible. M. Night butchered an amazing story that was practically handed to him on a silver platter, there was NO character development, and RADDA RADDA! I could write a book about all the mistakes. I am sad. :(

OH! So I finally received my August issue of Seventeen, and I have a story of mine featured in the "Dude Drama" article. Now, I say magazine journalism sucks because they tend to stretch the truth. If anyone reads it first of all, let me tell you that about 89% is exaggerated, and there is one line that is actually false! I was also upset about the title of my story: "He hid his dark side." That really wasn't the point of my story, but again, that's a story for another day. is kinda cool to be in your favorite magazine. ;)

And last but not notebook signing is still on! The date was changed to July 8th and is going to be held from 1-3 at the Naugatuck, CT Walmart. My notebook will be sold in all Walmart stores, so you should go out and by one! Don't worry, I don't get a percentage of sales or anything. Seriously. :)

You can see my winning cover at !


Becca. said...

lovely photos, you and your friend are so pretty!


Becca. said...

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Such fun pictures!!! :-) xoxoxoo

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You sound very busy, and your photos are making me very jealous thatyou have summer now.

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awesome pictures

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