Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring love.

Well I have not visited this place in a while. I definitely want to be posting actual OUTFIT pictures, but I need to go out and get myself a tripod. No one is ever around to be my photographer. ;( But this IS my blog, so I might as well vent and update on what is new.

The school semester is almost over. Let me just say that despite the fact that I'm taking 6 classes (which consist of 3 studio art courses and 2 writing courses, and a stupid health class) this has been the easiest semester ever. Since I am trying to graduate on time, I plan on taking a summer class at a local community college, just to help myself out. It's much cheaper and can make my future semesters less demanding. In the fall I plan on taking 6 classes again, along with getting myself an internship. I'm pretty much blowing through the Graphic Design program! Once I have all my projects together, I'll upload them here. :)

So I have mainly been involved with school and getting all my projects done. Hopefully my summer will be a lot more enjoyable, and I'm so sick of this weather! For some reason I decided to wear heels today because I just couldn't STAND not dressing cute at school anymore, but that failed miserably. Never again heels, never again.


Anonymous said...

love the bag!!

jamie said...

i need to be investing in a tripod too girl! i think my baby sister is getting annoyed with taking my photos lol

seascaped said...

you have great style, i just purchased the rocco. hehe